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If you are looking at basketball goals and considering a flex goal, just keep in mind that the right choice for your needs is very specific. Some types of basketball goals, for example, are meant for heavy duty use, capable of taking loads basketball legends from heavy slam dunks and other basketball stunts. This might include from extended competitive use up to and including NCAA and NBA games.

Other types of basketball goals are not as capable of taking such extreme stress loads and are meant for more personal recreational use. Of course, your needs may not call for more than this, and there is no reason to buy beyond your anticipated needs. This type of basketball goal, however, also offers a more economical alternative to more heavy duty goals.

Such a type of economic goal is a flex basketball goal. This type of basketball goal, as the name implies, is capable of at least limited flexible movement to be able to deflect the forces of free throws or light slam dunks. However, the flex basketball goal is still too rigid to be able to withstand repeated or hard slam dunks or other extreme basketball stunts without breaking.

The FT 187 can be thought of as a bridge between the light use flex basketball goal and heavier basketball goals. This rim is a super heavy duty use flex basketball goal, able to take greater punishment than inferior basketball goals but still remains an affordable option compared to true breakaway basketball goals. It’s an ideal choice if you’re looking for an economical basketball goal for aggressive, competitive playground use, or as a side court goal for a school gym.

Choosing an option along these lines will feature super heavy duty, extra strength engineering, design, and construction. These types of basketball goals have dual return springs for greater stress and load resistance. Continuous net locks ensure that the net will remain attached to the basketball hoop through repeated shots, weather and abuse.

The FT 187, like many other types of flex basketball goal, also features a fully enclosed mechanism. Furthermore, it also features a durable powder coat finish. Both of these features are designed to make the FT 187 last for a very long time through weather, corrosion and extended use and abuse while still preserving an authentic and clean look without the need or worry for maintenance or repainting.

Although the FT 187 is a more durable, super heavy duty basketball goal, it does not mean that installation is any more difficult or specialized compared to inferior basketball goals. The goal is able to be installed on most backboards, so the chances of you having to switch out backboards from your playground or gym side court are not great. The net and mounting hardware are included as well. The only thing light about is its weight; with a shipping weight of only 24 pounds, it won’t break your back or your wallet during installation. Whatever specific basketball goals you consider, make sure they meet your needs for play, durability and location.

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